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couturelullaby's Journal

Couture Lullaby
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Couture Lullaby
Couture Lullaby is a community for everyone who loves music. Here you can upload and share songs, albums, advance alubms, etc. Every month a request post will be put up for people to request a song. Be sure you read all the rules before submitting anything! And all posts are always going to be moderated.

Rules before posting
1] If posting a mix, post a minimum of 10 songs.
2] If posting an album, have a minimum of two.
3]All entries must be under an LJ cut.
4] Please don't request songs in your entry. There will be designated posts for that.
5]If you ever need to talk to a moderator, for whatever reason, please refer to this post.
6] Lastly, be sure to tag your entries ! Don't know how? See here.

DISCLAIMER: The RIAA dictates that all music downloaded should be removed after previewing for twenty-four hours (24). What you do with the music you download from here is your own responsibility. Please support the artists you love by purchasing their music.

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